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Three advantages of China's tire manufacturing industry

Time of issue: : 2020-11--16
At present, some domestic wheel companies have gradually entered the global procurement system for auto parts, and my country is moving towards the direction of a major tire manufacturing industry. When the financial crisis is approaching, my country's tire manufacturing industry is ready to go through this "winter" smoothly. Insiders pointed out that my country's tire manufacturing industry has three comparative advantages: To   First, the wheel manufacturing industry is a raw material and labor-intensive industry. my country has the advantage of sufficient raw materials and human resources. my country is close to Vietnam, Thailand and other major countries in the world for producing natural rubber, and the production of natural rubber in the southwest region has also become large-scale. At present, automobile wheels are mainly steel wheels and aluminum wheels, and the application ratio of these two kinds of wheels on cars is approximately. my country is the world's largest producer of steel and aluminum. Sufficient raw materials make the production of wheels have a great raw material cost advantage. At present, the cost of human resources in my country still has great advantages compared with European and American countries. To   Second, the international market supply and demand relationship determines that China's wheel industry will implement industrial transfer. Wheel production is an industry with high energy consumption and low technical level. Taking into account issues such as environmental protection and energy, developed countries have begun to transfer industries to developing countries. World tire giants such as Michelin and Bridgestone are looking to China. Domestic wheel companies should seize this opportunity to join the global parts procurement system of vehicle companies and occupy this indispensable link in the industrial chain. At present, the total annual export volume of domestically produced wheels is about 10,000 pieces. To    Third, the rapid growth of my country's automobile industry has brought supporting business opportunities to the wheel manufacturing industry. At present, the wheel market is subdivided into the market and the retail market. In addition, China has gradually become the world's factory, and multinational companies are generally optimistic about the potential and advantages of the Chinese market. Therefore, the rapid development of the automobile industry will bring about the continued prosperity of the wheel manufacturing industry.
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