The WTO final judge decided that the Chinese and American tire disputes were lost.

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The WTO final judge decided that the Chinese and American tire disputes were lost.

China has appealed to the World Trade Organization for the United States’ refusal to adopt unilateral special safeguard measures despite China’s opposition. In December 2010, the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism published a report of the expert group, arguing that there is no conflict between US practices and WTO rules. The Chinese side expressed dissatisfaction with this conclusion and appealed to the WTO Appellate Body in June this year to request a review of the report of the expert group. On September 5, the Appellate Body published a 123-page ruling report. The core content still supports the conclusion of the expert group. It believes that the US special protection measures for Chinese tires exported to the United States are in line with the WTO rules, and that China’s tires are indeed for the United States. Related industries have caused damage. The WTO Appellate Body is the highest authority of the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism and its ruling has the force of law.
Moderator: Ok. So why does the Chinese tire special protection case raise the attention of the outside world? Does China’s loss of American tires really pose a threat to the employment of American workers?
Reporter: The Chinese tire special protection case with a case value of US$1.7 billion has been widely concerned since its outbreak, not only because it was the first trade remedy against Obama after Obama took office, but also because of its many unusual and productive disputes. . First, the litigation is initiated by the union of the American Iron and Steel Workers' Union, and not the Chinese tire contender - the US tire company. On the contrary, many tire companies in the United States, especially some small and medium-sized tire wholesalers, oppose this lawsuit. The American Tire Industry Association, which represents the interests of various sectors of the US tire industry in production, sales, maintenance, and recycling, has given Obama an open letter. The tire special protection case will have four major adverse consequences for the United States: First, it will not protect the US manufacturing industry. Jobs; second, will cause tire prices to rise, US consumers face fewer choices; third, will lead to chaotic US tire market; Fourth, because consumers can not afford affordable tires, US consumers may postpone the necessary The change of tire behavior, which poses a potential hazard to US road safety.
It should be said that the employees of the US tire companies are very clear: China tires are a blank to make up for the low-end tires in the US market, and have not directly impacted the tire industry.
Then, in the opposition of the industry, the United States still insists on sanctioning China’s exports of tires to the United States, and its purpose is not meaningful. The statement issued by the Chinese delegation to the WTO on the 5th clearly stated that the purpose of this distortion of international trade practices in the United States is intended to be passed on to domestic political pressure. According to the data listed in the statement, during the US sanctions against China's tires for more than a year, China's exports of tires to the United States have decreased, but the total amount of tires imported from the United States has not decreased. In 2010, the number of tires imported from China by the United States decreased by 23.6% compared with 2009, and further decreased by 6% in the first half of 2011. However, the total number of tires imported by the United States in 2010 increased by 20.2% compared with 2009, and increased by 9% in the first half of 2011. These data are sufficient to show that the previous Chinese tires exported to the United States did not threaten the relevant US companies, but the US special safeguard measures seriously damaged the interests of Chinese companies. The statement of the Chinese delegation to the WTO requires the United States to immediately correct this practice and provide a fair and competitive market environment for Chinese companies.


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The WTO final judge decided that the Chinese and American tire disputes were lost.
The WTO final judge decided that the Chinese and American tire disputes were lost.
China has appealed to the World Trade Organization for the United States’ refusal to adopt unilateral special safeguard measures despite China’s opposition. 
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China has appealed to the World Trade Organization for the United States’ refusal to adopt unilateral special safeguard measures despite China’s opposition. 



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